Maria Tsitroudi works in the field of performance art, choreography and dance. She holds a Diploma in Applied Theater from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, specialized in performing and stage design (2003) and a Bachelor in Dance, from Municipality of Culture, Athens (2008). She was honored with a year scholarship by the Indonesian embassy in order to study traditional Javanese and Balinese dances at the Fine Art School of Surakarta, from 2000 till 2001. In 2012 she enrolled into the Master program: Choreography and Performance, at the Justus Liebig University of Giessen.

Her working experience extends into various artistic fields, such as choreographing, performing, dancing, drawing, stage design and teaching. From 2003-2008 she worked in Thessaloniki, as a performer, stage designer and theater teacher, collaborating with various institutions such as: the State Theater of Northern Greece, the Telloglion Foundation of Arts, the Museum of Contemporary Art and Municipality of Education, while being in a close collaboration with the installation/video artist Stavros Panagiotakis for the works Kittaro and Torture.  From 2008 till 2012 she lived and worked in Athens. Icono-stasis was her first choreographic work presented at theater Embros, (Athens 2012).

In the recent past years she presented a number of works, such as the solo Nekri Fysi, that dealt with the question of gazing and desire (Rough Proposals Festival 2013, Mousonturm). A number of short pieces such as 8,20, a collective work that was staging the performativity of language and Intimate Walk, a solo performance that was dealing with time-images emerging through the operation of memory in the actual time, were developed and presented in the frame of Heiner Goebble’s Scenic Projects. Don’t kill the messenger, a collective choreographic work that explored how sound and movement interact and weave structures and narratives, was presented in Frankfurt Lab, at the frame of the conference “The public commons and undercommons of art education and labor”. It was also presented at HAU2, (100 grad festival 2014, Berlin), at Zeitraum Exit, in Mannheim and at TV control center (KET), in Athens. In 2013 she collaborated with Kefei Cao as a co-creator of the work Der Vergangenes vergeht nicht wie Rauch, which was presented in the frame of the festival of lights, in Berlin. The collective choreographic work Zona, co developed and performed together with Catalina Insignares and Jan-Tage Kühling, was presented at Landungsbruecke Theater, in Frankfurt, 2014.  At spring 2015 she joined the dance company Bad-co, in Zagreb, for the production Stranger. Maria Tsitroudi presented her Ma graduation piece Apricot Trees Exist or an Impossible Walk, a continuity of Intimate Walk, delving deeper on the relation of poetics and time (Frankfurt Lab, FfM, December 2016). In the frame of Rough Proposals Festival 2017, held in Mousonturm, she re-worked her solo Nekry Fysi and developed it into a participatory piece that carried the title Zones of Immaterial Pictorial Sensibility, challenging herself with questions regarding subjectivity and authorship.  In the frame of the same festival she collaborated with the choreographer and installation artist Tanja Kodlin as a co performer for her choreographic installation Love is Blindness.

Her theoretical research is focused in the relation of choreography to dance & other artistic practices and notions: to poetics, language, time, gender, sexuality & politics. Her thinking partially is condensed to her Master Thesis: The significance of interruption in the states of profound boredom and involuntary memory; the poetic potentialities of language; resistance or escapeas well as to several essays such as: From passivity to engagement, new forms of survival, new forms of togethernessMasculine solipsism in choreographyMerce Cunningham; modernizing the modern danceYvone Rainer, Trio A etc.

Beside thinking and experimenting in choreography she is active in teaching dance (ballet, contemporary) and movement. In 2015 she offered a movement research course at the Institute for applied theater, in Giessen. Since 2015 she regularly teaches ballet & contemporary dance at the Hochschulsport, at Justus Liebig University, as well as in various dance schools in Giessen, Marburg and Frankfurt.